2023 Land and Lunch: Rural connections to do more with your land

UW-Madison Extension is excited to announce an upcoming Land and Lunch event we are hosting at the Fish House in Altoona. This event is geared towards rural landowners in the Chippewa Valley and surrounding area who own agricultural land or woodlands and are looking to learn more about what they can do with their land.

Preregistration is required by March 10. The cost of attending is $25 / person.

During this event, you will start to think about your property and what you would like to do with it. You will get a chance to ask questions of agriculture and forestry professionals and get a chance to learn about local / area resources that are here to help you get started. Topics include setting the framework for your land, building infrastructure / logistics of starting to manage your land, managing your forests, getting started with livestock, managing your soils, food plots for wildlife, and a tax assessment Q&A. There will be opportunities to network with others that are getting started managing their land and service professionals that can help with projects.

See registration links at the bottom of the page.

8:30 amRegistration
9:00 amWelcome & Introduction to Extension
9:20 amAttendee introductions
9:40 amSetting the framework
9:45 amShort break
10:00 amBuilding the infrastructure / Logistics of starting Q&A
11:30 amNetworking lunch
12:15 pmTree planting & maintenance
12:45 pmGetting started with livestock
1:15 pmManaging your soils
1:45 pmBreak
2:00 pmWildlife food plots
2:30 pmTax assessment Q&A
3:00 – 3:15 pmFeedback / evaluation / safe travels

Topic Descriptions:

Setting the framework with Extension Educators
This session is intended to get you thinking about the specifics of your property.  We will discuss thinking through unique attributes that are part of your land.  We will prompt questions about what kinds of farming, forestry, or conservation practices you want to focus on.  You will think about your values and where you would like to spend your time and energy.  We will have you think about what assets you have, or you are willing to acquire to make an enterprise or practice happen on your land.

Logistics of starting Q&A with Agri-Service Professionals
Get introduced to local and area resources that can help you succeed!  We have many invited agribusiness and forestry professionals that will each give a brief overview of their organization and what types of services they offer.  Then we will open the floor to questions about agriculture and forestry – with the number of people we have in the room, we are bound to connect you to a person to connect with, a resource, or a service that can help answer your question.  From financing a farming project to making sure your woodlands are healthy and thriving, we will have lots of professionals on hand to help with your questions.

Tree Planting and Maintenance with Lauren Larsen, Extension
This session will identify the steps needed to successfully establish new trees. Learn which trees will grow best on your land, how to prepare your land, techniques for planting, how to maintain and care for newly planted trees, and how to get started with a planting plan.

Getting started with livestock with Lyssa Seefeldt, Extension
Raising livestock is more than just putting up a fence and buying some animals.  This session will help get you set up for successful animal care by thinking through what resources you need available before investing in livestock, appropriate sourcing of animals, and some highlights of keeping animals healthy

Managing your soils with Jerry Clark, Extension
Interested in growing or integrating crop production into your land? This session will provide information about practices to implement on your land to meet your needs while protecting ground and surface water. Discussion will focus on managing soil nutrients and conservation.

Food plots
Curious about starting a food plot on your land to attract wildlife?  This session will give you some tips on attracting wildlife with the right food sources, picking the right part(s) of your land to work on, and understanding some of the plant & soil requirements to create a successful food plot of your own.

Tax assessment Q&A with Katie Wantoch, Extension and DNR Representative
Do you have tax questions about what it means to have agriculture or forestry land?  This session will give you an overview of some of the common ag and forestry tax questions that new landowners have. Please come prepared with your questions!

To register visit https://bit.ly/23LandNLearn
or use the QR code below.