Eau Claire Laundromat Libraries

Eau Claire Laundromat Libraries

​Extension is excited to launch the Eau Claire Laundromat Libraries, in partnership with the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library. This initiative aligns with Extension’s value of programming in spaces where families visit, live, work, and play. Laundromats are places where families often gather for a few hours, and these are perfect opportunities to encourage brain building! The books and resources are available in English, HMoob/Hmong, and Spanish, and they provide opportunities for families to engage in positive interactions, such as reading and playing.

Extension is grateful for the support of local, state, and national partners who brought this project to life, including The Women’s Giving Circle Fund of the Eau Claire Community Foundation, Neighbor to Neighbor | Vecino a Vecino, United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley, Extension Specialist Dr. Rob Nix, Extension Specialist Jenna Klink, APA’s Magination Press and Too Small to Fail.

Partnering Laundromats in City of Eau Claire

Laundry Express Laundromat
2655 Golf Road

London Road Laundromat
2820 London Road

Pinehurst Laundromat
3061 N Hastings Way

Risler’s Laundromat
3233 Seymour Road

Super Wash Laundromat(s)
2625 N Clairemont Avenue
2703 Birch Street

Vine Street Laundry
2005 8th Street

Interested in learning how to start a laundromat library in your community? Extension is proud to serve all of Eau Claire County and would be thrilled to connect! It is also Extension’s goal to connect communities with university knowledge and provide similar resources in other spaces, such as grocery stores, faith-based institutions, and community centers. We want to be wherever families are.

Reach out to the Human Development & Relationships Educator (yia.lor@wisc.edu) for more information.