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Parenting Programs

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Triple P

Parenting isn’t always easy. Triple P is here to help!

Triple P stands for Positive Parenting Program, and its goal is to put more positive in your days. Eau Claire County has several Triple P practitioners who run large-group Seminars, small-group Discussion Groups, and one-on-one Primary Care. For more information, visit the Family Resource Center’s Triple P webpage here.


Prevention Education Programs and Brief Interventions

Did you know that Extension offers several prevention education programs and brief interventions on a variety of topics? These programs are created in collaboration with Dr. Rob Nix who is the Extension Specialist for Diverse and Underserved Children, Families and Communities, graduate students at UW-Madison, and Extension educators. Almost all our programs are intended to be relatively short, so they can be delivered within a single session of about an hour. Most of the programs are focused on changing one or two important ideas or behaviors that can lead to a positive cascade of other positive effects. Click here for a list of programs.


“I Can Problem Solve” Short Video Series

This 11-part video series is based on Dr. Myrna Shure’s evidence-based “I Can Problem Solve” program. It introduces how parenting adults and educators can support children’s ability to think for themselves. Click here for list of videos and links.