FoodShare for Better Health

Market Match Token Program at the EC Downtown Farmers Market
Every Saturday from 8:30-12:30 and Wednesday from 9:00-12:00 in June-September, FoodShare participants may purchase one-dollar wooden tokens with their QUEST cards at the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market. Tokens purchased will be doubled up to $10 per QUEST card per week. Tokens can then be spent to buy healthy, local food at the Downtown Market. The tokens never expire and can be used any day the Downtown Market is open. Market Match has served hundreds of our neighbors participating in FoodShare to make fresh, local food choice the easy choice.

Thanks to Group health Cooperative, United Healthcare, City of Eau Claire and Eau Claire County Department of Human Services for their generous donations!

All community members may purchase tokens with a credit or debit card for an additional $1 transaction fee. These funds are used to defray transaction costs. No transaction fees are charged to FoodShare participants.

Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market Token Program

Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market Schedule & Hours

Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market-What’s Ready When


Using your QUEST (EBT) card at Farmers Markets


Replacement FoodShare Assistance
Current FoodShare members who lose food purchased with FoodShare benefits due to a
flood, a fire, or other household misfortune, can request the replacement benefits from the
State. Per the FoodShare handbook, a loss of power for four (4) hours or more can qualify
as a household misfortune. Please look at hte resources below for qualifying situations and the form.

Emergency FoodShare Replacement Assistance

Request for Replacement FoodShare Benefits








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