Extension educators work with local leaders to create healthier communities. We apply the research and resources of UW-Madison to help:

  • Promote positive mental health by teaching skills to manage stress more effectively, practice self-care and reduce risky substance use by youth and adults.
  • Build community skills, tools and resources to promote health.

Rooted in both urban and rural communities, we’re working together to help solve the state’s most pressing well-being needs and to ensure that all Wisconsinites live stronger, healthier lives. Visit our statewide Health & Well-Being website to learn more.

Eau Claire County offers wellness programs to the community a few times each year on a variety of topics, including mindfulness, self-compassion, and stress management.

Are you and/or your organization interested in an Extension wellness program that is not currently being offered to the community? Email Yia Lor (yia.lor@wisc.edu), and we’ll see what we can do!