The Horticulture Program provides unbiased, university research based information to the general public focusing on horticultural and natural resource education about environmentally and socially responsible practices through leadership and innovate programming.  It provides thousands of volunteer hours through the efforts of the Eau Claire Area Master Gardener Volunteer Program Association.

Lawn, Tree, and Garden Business Brochure – lists companies in the Eau Claire area that provide lawn, tree, and garden service. (updated 2017)


The position of Horticulture Educator for UW-Extension in Eau Claire County is currently vacant. However, our Master Gardener Volunteers are here to help you with your gardening questions and concerns.

You can email questions to our Administrative Specialist and Master Gardener Volunteer, Andy, at Andy.Heren@co.eau-claire.wi.us

Or you can call him at 715.839.4712. If he doesn’t know the answer to your question, he will get you an answer from one of the other Master Gardener Volunteers.





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