Nutrition Education

FNV (Fruits and Vegetables) Campaign

The FNV, “Fruits and Vegetables,”  campaign, created by the Partnership for a Healthier America, utilizes the power of cutting-edge marketing techniques to change attitudes around fruits and vegetables to ultimately increase their sales and consumption. FNV also includes ads on social media, billboards and buses. The FNV campaign involves partnerships at the national, state and local health coalition level. To learn more go to

Catch FNV on Eau Claire billboards at Brackett Ave, Madison St, Water Street and East Clairemont.

Get the details about FNV in the Chippewa Valley. (Handout) 

Find FNV in Eau Claire grocery and convenience stores: Festival, Gordy’s Woodman’s, Direct Convenience Store. (photos of executions in stores)

Program Success Videos:

Child Discovers She Loves Spinach – Video





Hmong Women Learn Childcare Provider Skills – Video






Food Safety:

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