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Wisconsin Beef Council and Wisconsin 4-H Foundation
Kick Off the 2023 Beef Promotion Contest

The Wisconsin Beef Council and Wisconsin 4-H Foundation have kicked off a beef promotion contest open to all Wisconsin 4-H beef project members.  The goal of the contest is to encourage 4-H beef project members to create an informative and appealing display that will educate consumers attending fairs or other events throughout the summer.  Entries are submitted by 4-H clubs and are limited to one entry per club.

The beef promotion contest has three categories:

  1. How beef is raised (messages could include animal care, daily life on a farm, etc.)
  2. How beef can fit into your lifestyle (nutritional benefits, beef cuts, recipes etc.)
  3. Benefits of beef (sustainability, by-products, etc.) 

A winner from each category will be chosen and a beef prize package will be presented to each 4-H member who contributed to the promotion creation. 

Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity – 35 points.  Does the display share information in a creative way?  Are color, graphics and pictures used to help tell the story?
  • Educational value – 35 points.  Does the display provide accurate and informative details about the beef industry?  Did the entry use facts and information from Wisconsin Beef Council resources?
  • Reach – 20 points.  Who was the target audience and did the promotion reach that audience? Can the content be used in other settings?  How did club members interact with the public?
  • Teamwork – 10 points.  Did all team members contribute to the final product?  How did ream members work together to educate the public? 
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